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General FAQ

UpVerified is a neutral and independent intermediary to help and verify the assets of the buyer and seller while preserving anonymity. Instead of the buyer and seller sending proof of assets to each other, the evidence is sent to our platform, and we will issue a letter of attestation of the proof.

The verification will shield any sensitive information such as names, bank information, and wallet addresses.

All fees are priced in USD and can be paid by BTC/ETH/MCO. For your privacy, a single-use wallet address will be generated for each transaction.

Buyer Proof of Funds Verification: $750

Seller Satoshi Verification: $750

Letter of Attestation Balance Update:  $75 
The buyer is required to send us a new MT799/MT199.  For the seller, we will pull the balance from the original wallet or from additional verified wallets. 


  • Date of MT799 Submission
  • Balance of MT799
  • Buyer’s Name
  • Buyer’s Company Name
  • Buyer’s Bank Account Details
  • Buyer’s Email


  • Date Received of Satoshi
  • Balance of Sender’s Satoshi Wallet (rounded, so the transactions cannot be traced on the blockchain)
  • Seller’s Name
  • Seller’s Satoshi Wallet Address
  • Seller’s Email


Satoshi Test

We are not a KYC/AML/Escrow service. UpVerified only acts as a soft verification in the primary stage so the deal can be advanced.

No. UpVerified only acts as a soft verification in the primary stage so the deal can be advanced.


Please contact [email protected] to change your access code. We will only respond to the request from the email address linked to the account.

The digital letter of attestation will expire after 60 days to ensure the balance of the satoshi wallet and funds are as current as possible. If you wish you extend the expiration date, please request for UpVerified to update the balance of the proof – an update fee will apply.